The Rotary Foundation by its very name is a Foundation, a Trust funded by donations from clubs and individuals, corporate gifts, grants and bequests. It turns over around $US130m annually, most of which is given out to charities and humanitarian projects. Without the constant topping up of its coffers through these avenues, it is easy to see that the Fund’s operations would diminish and eventually lose its capacity to do good in the world to the degree it is able now.
The Rotary Foundation is our Foundation. One method to help its sustainability is via the Centurion Club.
This is an Australian program, and the more Centurion members we have in our district the greater Rotarians’ participation in humanitarian projects each year. So:
⇒ What is the Centurion Club?

It’s a District managed scheme to provide structure for regular individual (and other) donations to The Rotary Foundation.

⇒ It involves a commitment to an annual donation by Rotarians (and others) of $100.

⇒ An annual ongoing donation is encouraged but not obligatory – individual financial circumstances can and do change!

⇒ Who can join?

Any Rotarian, other individual or group wishing to support Rotary’s humanitarian work. It can also be a spouse, other family member, friends or business associates, a company, corporation or organisation, a social/sporting group or club.

⇒ What do I get out of it?

The satisfaction of knowing without doubt that this donation to charity is really doing some good through Rotary’s humanitarian projects. A lapel badge is also provided to members of the Centurion Club.

⇒ About the money:

Every dollar donated is used in projects.

⇒ The interest earned from the investment of the funds is used for administrative costs.

⇒ After 3 years, 50% of the funds return to our District as District Designated Funds, to be further invested in our own District’s humanitarian projects.

⇒ How does it work?

Money donated to the Trust is invested for 3 years, during this period the interest earned pays the costs of running the Foundation. At the end of the 3 year period fifty percent of the capital is returned to the District as District Designated Funds.

⇒ The Government rules relating to the tax allowance on donations require the money to be used for humanitarian purposes in listed developing countries. So, your $100 can help alleviate suffering and inequality in the world.

⇒ Although this is a Rotary charity, membership is open to all, not just Rotarians.

⇒ Can I be a Centurion?

YES! Application forms are on the District web site, or from our Club Foundation Chairman.

⇒ Complete the form and forward it along with a cheque or Credit Card details to the District Centurion Club Administrator at the address on the form.

⇒ Please include the name of our Rotary Club along with other details requested.

⇒ You will note that at present there is provision for you to nominate Polio Plus to receive your donation if you wish to do so.

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